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Martindale Pinnacle Construction has been very professional and has has great communication with my husband and I from start to finish on our project. They did amazing on our house roof, siding, gutters, fascia etc and we have had a ton of compliments from our neighbors and they noticed such a big change on the appearance of our property and we couldnt be happier! We highly recommend MPC!
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We had hail damages from the 8/6 hail storm in Lake Mills, WI and the same day the storm hit MPC inspected our home and showed us damages we never noticed! They met with our insurance company and got everything approved and after remodeling our home it looks BRAND NEW! This team of professionals is very knowledgeable and well trained. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has had a hailstorm come through the area. The exterior of our house is completely remodeled for only the price of our deductible! ($1000) And insurance covered the rest!!
Daniel G.
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They did a free inspection on my house and garage roofs and found damages. I filed a claim and they helped walk me through the insurance process. They got our projects done very quickly. Great communication and great quality work. Highly recommend MPC to anyone wanting quick, quality work done!
Tina P.
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Excellent company to work with. Timely and quality work. Highly recommend!
Marlyn D.
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Martindale Pinnacle Construction made sure all damages were paid for by insurance and we were able to replace all damages. They dont mix and match materials so we were able to get the golden pledge warranty! I already recommended this company to all of our friends and family in the storm path. They did great work and if another storm ever comes through we will definitely be using this company again!
Mary W.
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From what I see of the work that is being done by this company, they are doing good things, I know they are hard working. If and when I need some work done I have you on speed dial.
Arissa W.
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Super hardworking team, professional, amazing service.
Kenneth C.
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contracted MPC about 3 weeks ago so i could get my roof and gutters replaced. the owner is very professional and we are happy with the job done. the gutters were done today and look great. i have a 2 1/2 story home with a very steep pitch and his crews scaled it while covered in ice and snow to rip it off and redo. took the vents out and did ridge cap. overall great experience and i would recommend to anyone seeking work. thanks
Ryan G.
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Absolutely wonderful costumer service and top notch construction expertise!
Sheila J.
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Martindale Pinnacle had my roof done in one day. They took care of everything and met with the insurance adjuster. There was a great communication between my husband and I the insurance adjuster and Martindale Pinnacle. I would highly recommend them!
Kristi G.
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They did a good job on my roof and also on my siding.
Dianne G.
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Quality work and very hard-working professionals!
Tammy & Jeff W.
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Staff was excellent-helped with initial claim-excellent service from beginning to end, job completed and was just beautiful!
Chelsie W.
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Fast responses. Deals with everything for you. Does amazing work and will not leave until you are happy. Would definitely use them again
Miles K.
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MPC was a great experience with a general contractor. I was extremely skeptical about a storm team, but their intentions were to help me as much as possible. Emma in the office was so helpful explaining things to my wife, and the quality of work was what I was hoping for!
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High quality work by people who know what they're doing. I'd recommend to anyone looking to get what they need out of a general contractor.
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I heard about Martindale Pinnacle Construction so got ahold of them regarding a storm damage claim as wind ripped a lot of shingles off my home. The owner is a very smart and likeable guy. This was about 3 weeks ago and we already had snow starting and below freezing temperatures, however he still said they could get it done. Well today it was all finished. The roof was done last week. He was able to upgrade a few things for us and the gutters were installed today and look great. I would recommend mpc construction to anyone. The owner is professional and available when needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends or anyone reading this. Thanks for the roof and gutters!
Aaron D.
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These guys are a fellow Master Elite contractor in our area, its always good to know our competitors are installing quality roof systems as well. Same mission, same mentality, Good customer service goes a long way!! Nice job guys! Aaron N.
Julia & Brad
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We had our roof and gutters replaced, MPC dealt with everything, from the insurance adjuster, to being on site and making sure the job was getting done correctly. Communication was easy and response time to calls or text messages was always prompt. Very satisfied with workmanship, communication, professionalism, and responsiveness.
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Excellent service, friendly staff, assisted us with initial claim, great communication through whole process-beautiful job!
Linda C.
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They did a great job. They were done within the day and picked up all of the debris that came off of the roof in the first place. All nails were picked up and everything put away just like it was before they came. The roof looks great and they do a great guarantee on their job done. Ben Was the foreman for this job and he did a great job.
Dennis D.
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Just completed work on our property and my wife and I are very happy with the results. The crew worked very hard and the martindale rep was always available for questions.
Nicole C.
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MPC was extremely helpful in helping me deal with my insurance and adjuster. They were able to get my roof replaced with quality materials in a timely manner. I would highly recommend using their expertise.
Charlize B.
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Awesome team!!! They impressed me with their thoroughness. They stop at nothing to be sure your home is restored with quality material. I love the fact that they assisted through the whole process with the insurance. Definitely made the process so much easier for us. Thank you Sarah, Sam, and the rest of the MPC Team!!!
David H.
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Following the Derecho in Cedar Rapids, MPC did an excellent job replacing my roof and gutters. The work was completed in a prompt, professional, and quality manner. I highly recommend MPC.
John J.
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Paul Martindale handled everything I didn't want to deal with. Their company went above and beyond for us, they are top notch. If you're looking for general construction, roofing, and anything else I'm sure these are the guys to work with. Thank you again Paul! Awesome work.
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