If you are a homeowner
and your roof is leaking,
WrapRoof is the ideal
solution for your
temporary roofing needs.

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Not only is WrapRoof able to quickly secure your home, you can also enjoy the peace of mind of a reliable product, no holes in your roof, no sandbags and no leaks. Our system floats above the roof surface, ties into your existing ventilation system and is installed with a one year warranty. Regardless of your roof type, you can be confident that you will receive a product that suits your needs and also looks aesthetically pleasant.

Our team of professionals have wrapped more than 1,000 units in the United States, and our state of the art product is available often times within just 48 hours of your call.

If you are interested in the WrapRoof system, please feel free to contact us, or let your insurance adjuster know that you are interested in our product. Together, we will get it installed for you and will protect your home from further damage.

Steps To Having WrapRoof Installed On Your Home

  • 1- Inspection: A WrapRoof Property Inspector will Visit and Provide an Estimate

  • 2- Approval: Obtain Approval from Your Insurance Company or Adjuster

  • 3- Installation: WrapRoof Installs the System

  • 4- Completion: In Approximately 6 Hours, the Installation is Completed

  • 5- Warranty: Enjoy a Warrantied Product for 1 Year

Why Choose Wraproof

  • Applicable to all types of roofs

  • Waterproof

  • 1 year product guarantee

  • 12mil thick

  • No replacement needed

  • Lowers ceiling temperatures

  • No sun damage

  • Guaranteed not to leak

  • Wind resistant

  • Easy to remove for inspection

  • Prevents water accumulation

  • Smooth and sleek aesthetics

  • Seals flat roofs

  • Unaffected by winds of up to 50 mph

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